Standard & ODM CT/ZCT

Standard CT

Product Introduction

ELEC standard CTs are sold extensively in the Japan market. Our standard wide-range CT has only ratio error of +-1% within the range of 1200A~15A, The bushing CT has the advantages of small size and light weight, best used as measuring and protective CT which requires low energy consumption.

Our standard zero-phase CT is oval bushing type (600A). The 3 phase can run through together for precise monitoring, hence avoid the need of multiple CTs.

ELEC also designs and builds BCT and ZCT based on customer requirements as well as need to compliant to various international and national standards (IEEE,IEC,JEC,JIS,CNS and AS…). Based on application requirement and our insulation skillset accumulated over years, ELEC is able to select the most suitable external insulation for BCT and ZCT, this includes insulation for oil-immersed type BCT, Nomex insulation used for GIS as well as the higher grade epoxy mold-casting insulation. Hence optimizing the insulation to satisfy various requirement.

ELEC can also base on the design specification and functional need of BCT and ZCT, use the most suitable iron core and copper wire, i.e. providing the optimizing services which fulfilling both the product specifications and achieving the smallest product foot-print.