BMC material

Product Introduction

BMC is the acronym for Bulk Molding Compound.

It is made of resin (e.g. unsaturated polyester, epoxy, phenolic resin etc.), glass fiber, filler and other additives.

BMC is a thermoset material which has high-temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength, low shrinkage, light weight, and is easily mixable. It is usually made into stripes for ease of molding. It is being used widely in many industry sectors. BMC manufactured by ELEC is suitable for various part production processes including compression molding, injection molding and transfer molding. ELEC possesses wide range of BMC material design technology and is able to meet various application needs, for example high-voltage, flame retardant, electric, heat conductive and high mechanical strength (on par with SMC) etc. All our BMC material is RoHS compliant. We also manufacture BMC material certified to EN45545-2 standards.