Electrical Industry

The electrical insulation parts made of ELEC's superior composite material are widely used in switchboards, transformers, vacuum circuit breaker, no fuse switch, motor encapsulation etc.

Rail Industry

ELEC works with world-class rail system manufacturers, produces insulators, insulating supporting parts and barriers of high quality used in both the rail track and rolling stocks.

ELEC's BMC and Epoxy rail insulators are:

1. Outdoor UV-resistant, UL 94-V0 and of high dielectric resistant.
2. Is halogen free and compliant to RoHS.
3. Proven application and have been used in rail systems since year 2000.
4. Passed various electrical and mechanical type tests.


Green Enery Industry

ELEC post insulator EL-35s is used extensively in the DC-AC converter of solar panels.

ELEC has also successfully developed high-conductive bipolar plate of fuel cell, which were granted patent in both the US and Taiwan.