Production Machines

The production machines of ELEC CT division can manufacture BCT of all kinds. They include wire-winding machine, insulation wrapping machine, vacuum injection machine & APG molding machine. Armed with program controls, these machines can perform all the way from the insulation of iron core to epoxy injection molding according to standard operating procedure and automated production. These resulted in stable product quality and fulfillment of customer’s quality and delivery requirements.

All CTs produced by ELEC can be traced of production history, of which all processes from incoming of iron core to wire-winding and insulation are standardized and self-checked, thus ensure the consistency of product quality.

Testing Equipments

Besides design and development, ELEC also provides series of product quality tests and verification. We have various testing equipment needed for BCT type tests, this includes testing machines for dielectric test, inter-turn over-voltage test, temperature rising test, impulse test, exciting current test and partial discharge test. All regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy and consistency of test equipments.

All tests performed by ELEC are compliant to international or national standards (e.g. IEEE,IEC,JEC,JIS,CNS & AS). We could arrange test accordingly.