En-Liang Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Taiwan, Asia, manufacturer of En-Liang BMC,EPOXY,PHENOLIC,VCB,GIS,Insulation,Insulator,Low voltage insulator,High voltage insulator,Busbar Support,Breaker,Molding material,Insulation material,Electronic,Projecter,Automotive,light,headlight housings,Electric,MRT,High speed railway,Building structure,flame-retardant material,Low shrinkage material, Railway,Optic,Platic parts,Lamina


Standard & ODM CT/ZCT

ELEC standard CTs are sold extensively in the Japan market. Our st

Copper Parts

ELEC provides copper parts for switchboard and other applications,

Laminate Boards

Besides providing BMC insulation solutions, ELEC also base on desi